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Beto Carrero

Post by Leonardo Mosimann on Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:23 pm

I've been to Beto Carrero many times. Wich I most liked were the rollercosters, and the big tower, because I like those kind of atractions:roll: . Some things that I desliked were : the food, because it was too expensive and the zoo, beacuse I think it was boring. Sleep

I went to Beto Carreiro some times, and my last one was the best one. I went there with some of my classmates, by the time I was there, the majority of my friends didin't go Sad , so I was only me and one of my friends. We walked over the park like 3 times, the places where we most enjoyed were the rollercoasters and some of the water attractions. Right in the start it started raining, but even with that, there were really big lines, because a lot of schools were there at the same time. tongue

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