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Beto Carrero

Post by vitoriasantos on Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:04 pm

I am such a big fan of rollercoasters and that kind of thing. Things that makes us feel butterflies on your stomach are my favorite ones. But it hasn't been always like that. The first time I went to Beto Carrero was to celebrate my brother's 8th birthday. I was five and so afraid of even thinking about going on something. However, it didn't really matter, since was raining a lot. After this, I went there a few more times. And that's when I discovered how amazing it is everything. Big Tower. Firewhip. They all want to make us go again, again, and again. In our contry, it's hard to find an amusement park, and it makes me so happy that one of them is here, near us, and even more, when it's a reference to others. Beto Carrero is definitely a place where you will have to walk a lot, and most important: to be pacient. The lines can be long. But, it's not all good. I do not enjoy the zoo. It doens't please me. Honestly, it's not healthy and not fair to the animals and people should stop encouraging this type of thing.
I guess that's it. Everyone should go at least once. It's a lovely and no regrets experience.


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